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Basic Information:
We ship our routers with SIM cards already inserted in the SIM Slots for your comfort and to speed up the activation process.

Our SIMs allow you to use cellular data in nearly every county in the world. You don’t have to change the SIM in your router in every country you visit. Our single SIM can connect you to hundreds of cellular networks globally.

We offer you a transparent pricing policy and can block the traffic on your request.

Our SIMs work globally – you only need 1 SIM to travel across the globe. Use 2, 4 or more to increase your bandwidth.

You’ll never get an unexpected bill – you can put a cap on your spendings.

Q: Do I have to pay for the SIMs if I don’t use them?

A: No, we don’t charge you for the SIM. It comes complimentary with the router.

Q: Can I throw the SIM away if I don’t plan to use it?

A: Sure, however we’d recommend keeping it in case you need it in the future. 

Q: How much is 1GB?

A: Our prices start at €4.40 / GB and depend on many factors: country, monthly usage etc. Please use a contact form below for a personalized quote.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract and commit for a specific period?

A: We offer a 30-day rolling contract. You can stop the contract 15-days before the next billing period.

Q: What is your smallest roaming plan?

A: Our smallest plan includes 50GB monthly. If it’s too much for your needs, please use a contact form to request a quote for a smaller plan.

Q: Can I block the traffic after I hit the limit?

A: Yes, our SIMs can stop the traffic after you reach the set limit. To reactivate please contact us at

Q: How are your SIMs better than the ones I can buy at kiosk?

A: We provide a high level of redundancy. Our SIM allows you to connect with multiple carriers in the same country. If one carrier has no coverage our SIM will choose a different network. Simple SIM from kiosk only connects to its primary carrier. When you’re not in its coverage you are offline.